Escape the everyday stress and find your oasis of peace, relax body and soul.

From Adria Bio Wellness offer we recommend:

  • Salt rooms
    Halotherapy ( from Greek halos – salt) is performed in salt rooms which imitate a cave covered with stone salt. The microparticles of salt aerosol are used for easing of a variety of respiratory difficulties and chronic inflammations, allergies and relieving of stress and exhaustion.
  • Steam bath
    “bathing” in a room filled with saturated steam. The heat and steam have a beneficial effect on your blood and lymph flow. Heavy sweating eliminates toxins thus encouraging body detox.
    is a simple and pleasant way to detox.
  • Essential oils massage and aromatherapy
    Massages, face and body treatments, with a careful selection of essential oils tailored to your needs!

The relax massage features a set of techniques that have been specially designed to relax the mind and body. The basic goal of this massage is to de-stress the entire body. It is exceptionally beneficial for the body because it increases the blood oxygen level, reduces muscle toxins, and improves circulation and skin flexibility.


Therapeutic massage is part of the physical procedure used in treatment and rehabilitation. It can be full-body or partial and is performed by a physiotherapist. It improves lymphatic and blood flow, softens and removes hardened areas under the skin, reduces the stress hormone level and blocks pain receptors.


If you do sports actively or recreationally, your body needs a sports massage that will rid your muscles of tension and fatigue. In a sports massage, the therapist uses fast and aggressive moves to relax the musculature after physical strain. It has been proven to improve flexibility, reduce fatigue, boost endurance and help in injury prevention, while its relaxing effect helps the body and mind prepare for new mental and physical efforts.


It is important for an anti-cellulite massage to be performed by a physiotherapist trained for this technique. Considering that cellulite is mostly located 3-5 mm below skin surface, the pressure must be moderately dosed in order to avoid unwanted effects such as haematomas, bruises and capillary damages. Eliminating cellulite is a lengthy process and, when it is finally resolved, one needs to take care of nutrition, fluid intake, physical activity, and a series of other factors in order to prevent its reappearance.


The anti-stress massage represents a fusion of the relax and therapeutic massages enriched with the use of carefully selected essential oils, due to which this massage has the characteristics of aromatherapy. It achieves a positive and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, which positively affects the psychological processes, i.e. it significantly reduces tension and stress. Although emphasis is placed on massaging the head, face, palms and feet, the massage includes the entire body.


This is a pleasant massage. This massage reduces muscle tone in the neck area, alleviates body fatigue and removes the stress that the muscles and skin of the head and face suffer due to everyday activity.


In this massage, two experienced therapist work synchronously together and combine various types of massage techniques. The massage is used to bring a state of complete relaxation and release from stress. With four hands treating your body, you are bound to lose track of time and drift away from reality.


Sciatica represents unpleasant pain in the lower part of the back that radiates down the back of the leg. We solve this problem manually by applying special massage moves.


Lumbago is pain in the lower part of the back. It is most often caused by improper lifting or by sitting or standing with bad posture for a long time. We solve this problem with special manual techniques that will instantly relieve you of your pain.


In this massage, warm oil is rubbed deep under the skin with light and gentle moves. It is used to bring a state of complete relaxation and to improve body detoxification and the elimination of harmful substances.


Manual lymphatic drainage is a treatment in which the body is treated with light hand pressures to compress lymph and remove it through the veins. The lymph transports nutritious substances and oxygen from the blood to each of our cells, collects harmful substances on its way back and then returns to the blood stream. The task of drainage is to move lymph through the veins to the kidneys, which then take over the harmful substances from the lymph and eliminate them from the body through urine. It is also used to remedy wrinkles, acne, headaches and menstrual problems, or as an aid in losing weight. Lymphatic drainage balances bodily fluids and improves the general condition of the body. Lymphatic drainage is also effective in removing cellulite, as the drainage of excess fluids from the connective tissue improves the oxygen supply of the cells, removes waste substances from the body and replaces them with useful nutritious substances carried by the blood.


The therapist performs an introductory massage that heats the skin and subcutaneous tissue, after which compresses with warm essential oil are placed to remove ailments from certain body parts.