Spend your fun-filled vacation time getting active, try new sports and learn new skills

Owing to its rich offer for recreation and relaxation, Hotel Adria is as perfect for recreational athletes as it is for professionals.

Marked hiking trails, varying from those suitable for easy walks perfect for enjoying the scenery to demanding guided mountain trails, fishing and underwater activities, water sports, horseback riding and bike tours, are a combination of natural resources of this area, and at the same time an excellent postcard and top-notch offer. If you are into soccer, bowling, tennis and field sports, sport courts are close at hand.

The hotel offers menus, specifically tailored for athletes, and facilities for practice analysis.

  • Multi-purpose courts (soccer, handball, basketball…)
  • volleyball courts
  • fitness centre
  • boccia alley

Sports Hall

handball ground biograd

Beach volleyball

basketball hotel sports


fitness hall hotel

Fitness hall

tenis ground hotel


Indoor pool hotel biograd

Indoor and out door pool

bouling ground hotel


jogging near hotel


rent a bike biograd

Rent a bike

table teniss hotel

Table tennis